What We Do?

What We Do?

GCL Corporate Brand

Griffin College London’s vision is to provide entrée to all students – to scholastically challenging and gratifying qualifications, which they can use to forward their academic studies or provide standards to establish their level of expertise. 

Griffin College London offers and conducts International Examination on Academic Qualifications, Performing Arts Qualifications and Language Qualifications for learners of all ages and abilities.Griffin College London Qualification certificates for candidates provide the benchmark across the world.

Our Qualifications are accessible to candidates of all ages and from all cultures.

We pride ourselves on delivering the most academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications designed to support aspiring artists, educators and teaching establishments – wherever they may be. We aim to design assessments that have a positive impact on student learning, engagement and achievement.

Our flexible exams give candidates the opportunity to perform to their strengths and interest. Our team is a blend of exceptional talent and diverse cultures who take a creative and enthusiastic approach to the work that we do and we like seeing the same passion in all our staff. 

Our highly qualified and friendly examiners are trained to put candidates at their ease and provide maximum encouragement. The constant monitoring of all examination processes to ensure standards of examinations are consistent. Ensuring all candidates are properly registered, checking and recording all examination results and monitoring all examiners’ training and standards to ensure all candidates receive fair and equal assessment and all equal opportunities are met.

Griffin College London Courses are specifically designed to help students progress. Examiners are trained and tested every year to ensure they mark exam papers precisely and reliably. Before they mark any ‘live’ papers, examiners must pass ‘standardisation’ tests to ensure they can apply the mark scheme precisely, consistently.

At Griffin, we pride ourselves on offering a quality learning background.

Delivering our Courses

We work closely with our Centers to provide dedicated support, Course expertise, events and resources to enable centres to deliver and provide the best possible experience for their learners. Centres play a key role in ensuring the quality, delivery and integrity of our Courses to ensure all certificates issued are valid.


We operate across Worldwide, and our Courses are delivered and assessed at our Approved Centres by our appointed Country / Centre Coordinators