Exam Administration

Preparation Stage for Centers / Teachers / Parents

This stage is about getting ready for Griffin College London Examination ahead. The more prepared you are the better.

During this stage concentrate on:

  • Step 1:Register and sign up via Website
  • Step 2:Download the Syllabus
  • Step 3:Buy the Grade https: //griffincollege.org.uk/shop
  • Step 4:Practice and Practice Complete the guided learning hours!
  • Step 5:Knowing the Exam Timetables.
  • Step 6:Enter for Exam before the Deadline
  • Step 7:Making sure you have an up-to-date version of the fees list.
  • Step 8:Working with teachers to identify students who may need access arrangements or reasonable adjustments.
  • Step 9:Sit for your exam Face to Face / Virtual
  • Step 10: :Celebrate your Achievement and Certification

Entries Stage

Entry requirements

 There are no age restrictions for candidates entering for a Performing Arts grade, certificate or diploma exam.

  • Candidates may enter for all grade and certificate exams without having previously taken any other Griffin College London exam.
  • When entering a candidate for multiple exams, the candidate numbers MUST match in order for the system to recognise candidate details and keep all records together.
  • Candidates may not enter for the same grade in the same subject in one exam session.

Changes to entries

Once you have submitted candidates for an exam and the closing date has passed, no changes to entries are permitted.
For Exam dates, please contact Centre coordinator

  • Completed entry forms, together with full fees must be submitted to the Examination Headquarters on or before the closing date.
  • All our entry fees are provided in the fees list. Please check this document carefully to ensure you don’t incur late entry fees.
  • Examination Time-table will be sent to the candidates or can be obtained from the Approved Centres.
  • In addition, Griffin College London Examination Board conducts examinations at the approved centres, provided the practical grade entries total at least five hours examining time.
  • Some flexibility is possible, and teachers are invited to telephone Griffin Head Quarters to discuss the arrangements in advance.
  • Late applications may incur a £10.00/€10.00 administration fee.

Assessment Stage

  • Practical Exams are assessed at the approved exam centre by visiting examiners recruited and trained by Griffin UK Examination Board.
  • The examinations are externally assessed at the exam canter and marked by an external examiners recruited and trained by Griffin Examination Board. The examiner uses a detailed mark scheme to carry out the assessment and their decisions are quality assured by Griffin before an award is made This allows for some compensation to be taken into account in reaching an overall score without compromising the overall standard of technique, musicality and performance expected by the assessment criteria.
  • Grade 8 candidates are required to pass each dance / Vocal / instruments exam in order to pass the examination as a whole.
  • Given the practical nature of this qualifications, this assessment method is felt to be the most appropriate way of assessing the skills, knowledge and understanding in a practical context. The Student must draw together all the elements of the syllabus, along with the implicit skills associated with self-learning, into the performances required by the examination and perform them in front of an examiner.
  • The examiner will assess all the elements, where the Candidate demonstrates their ability to show their understanding on the whole syllabus.

Duration Of Exam For Practical

Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7Diploma
15 Min15 Min15 Min20 Min20 Min25 Min25 Min30 Min

Theory exam dates

  • Theory exams are held at set times and on set dates. All exams must be held on the published dates unless authorised in advance by Griffin. Requests for alternative dates will only be accepted under exceptional circumstances and our decision is final.
  • We send notification to the applicant, which confirms the names and grades of candidates entered, and any access arrangements. The applicant must check these details and notify the Centre Coordinator immediately of any error or correction.

Theory Exam timings

  • Grades 1-3: 20 Min (MCQ Under Administration)
  • Grades 4-5: 20 Min (MCQ Under Administration)
  • Grades 6-8:20 Min (MCQ Under Administration)

Arriving at the venue

  • Candidates should arrive 10 minutes beforethe start of the exam, unless told otherwise.
  • Any candidate arriving more than 35 minutes after the start of the exam will not be admitted.
  • It Is recommended that candidates under the age of 15 are accompanied to the venue by a responsible adult, though we cannot guarantee to provide a waiting area for escorts

In the exam

  • Candidates must bring their appointment slip and their own Pens or pencils.
  • Plain ruled manuscript paper is supplied for candidates to do any rough work.
  • Candidates are not allowed to bring mobile phones, other electronic devices or any unauthorized material or equipment into the exam room.
  • Candidates must not talk, or In any way communicate, with each other during the exam.
  • Any candidate breaking these rules may be disqualified

General Information : Graded Examination (Grade 1 to Grade 8)

  • Candidates should arrive 10 minutes before their exam is due to start.
  • All candidates must bring the appropriate hard copy grade book.
  • Candidate identification : We require all candidates taking GCL exams to provide a form of photographic identification (photo ID). The photo ID should be shown to the Examiner at the beginning of the exam. Your result may be withheld if the appropriate ID is not presented on the day.
  • Candidates must bring two copies of Title sheets which is accompanied with the Appointment slips

Instrument information

  • Candidates must bring their own instrument. Candidates should be fully tuned up before entering the exam room.
  • Candidates must bring their own keyboard and appropriate stand for use in the exam, plus any additional required equipment.
  • Shruthi Box to be available for the Examination.

Appearance / Grooming for the Examination

Classical Dance Students

  • Candidates should be suitably dressed in clothes that enable the examiner to see the dance and allow the candidate to perform without distraction.
  • Female candidate should wear a suitably tailored Churidhar from Grade 1 – Grade 3 and Dance practice Saree from (Grade 4 till Professional Diploma).
  • Males should wear a suitably tailored Kurta Pyjama
  • All candidates should have their waist firmly bound.
  • Hair should be pinned away from the face and, if necessary, drawn back in a single plait or bun.
  • Simple Jewellery should be worn.
  • Ankle bells should be worn from the Grade 3 to Professional Diploma.

Carnatic Performance Students

  • Female candidate should wear a suitable tailored Pavadai /Half Saree/ Saree
  • Hair should be pinned away from the face and, if necessary, drawn back in a single plait
  • Simple Jewellery should be worn.
  • Male candidate should wear a suitable tailored Kurts Pyjama  / Vezhti

During the Exam

  • Candidates be allowed a few minutes to set up before the exam commences.
  • Teachers and parents will not be allowed into the room during the exam except in exceptional circumstances, with permission having been granted under the Reasonable Adjustments process.

Presentation File

  • Candidates should bring their Folder consists of the Notes and portfolio to the practical examination along with the Guided Learning hours sheet.

Certificates Stage

  • Certificates are normally dispatched within 8 weeks of the date of the examination, but very often they will be received sooner than this.
  • Before certificates are issued, centres should have checked that candidates’ details are correct; the certificate is not intended to be used as a final administrative check.
  • Once certificates are issued, centres should check they have received certificates for those candidates listed on the certificate register.

Results Stage

  • Examiners return the results and report sheets as soon as possible after the examination.
  • The report sheets for each candidate are individually checked within the Quality Assurance department for administrative accuracy.
  • Under normal circumstances, the written report sheets will be issued to the teacher within 21 working days of the examination. Any errors
  • found are corrected by the examiner before further processing of the whole examination session, and may therefore extend these
  • timings, although the department will try to process these as rapidly as possible.
  • All results are entered by Sections, and checked for achieving the minimum pass levels, per Section and in total, and correct levels of
  • attainment against the total mark achieved.

Results review and appeals procedure

  • Anyone who wishes to question the Outcome of their exam result should refer to Griffin Results Enquirer for  full details of our results review and appeals process.


  • Our annual graduation ceremony marks the achievements of all those who have gained a Diploma, Professional Diploma, and Performance
    qualifications with us.
  • The ceremony will include the presentation of certificates and performances.