Fine Arts Department

Fine Arts Department

Griffin College London Performing Arts Examination Board offer a wide range of vocational, recreational to educate the public in the performing arts and all its forms, to promote knowledge of performing arts, to provide up to date techniques for the teachers. Examiners, amateur, professionals and students to maintain and improve teaching standards in South Indian Classical Dance Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak , Mohiniyattam, Odissi, Manipuri, Sattriya, Chaau, Nattuvangam, Charis and Karanas  of Natyasastra,  Kandyan, Sabaragamu , Low Country and Carnatic Vocal, Thevara Pannisai, Hindustani Music, Veena, Violin, Keyboard, Flute, Saxophone, Nadaswaram , Guitar, Morsing, Mirudangam, Tabla, Kanjeera, Ghatam,  Thavil , Jalatharangam and Konnakol.

We recognise that students have different reasons for learning Performing arts.  We provide different pathways for Graded and Vocational training desire through: Grade 1 to Degree in South Indian Classical / Indian Carnatic Performing Arts.

We offer and conduct Examinations in Dance, Music and Instruments at Levels 1-3 (Grade 1 – Grade 8) with an Artist and Entrepreneur Development qualification at Level 4  (Professional Diploma) as a progression route, which is equal to Western Qualifications.

Each Structured Syllabi are designed / developed by us  with the upkeep, ability to ensure that every addition is artistic, state-of-the-art and industry relevant where the students are taught the nuances of the art before they are graduated in their chosen genre and all Courses are being validated and assessed by the  Griffin College London across Worldwide.These examinations are offered through the provision of syllabi in multiple genres and are taught by qualified teachers to enter candidates for examination.

We encourage candidates to bring their own choices and interests into our exams — this motivates students and makes the assessment more relevant and enjoyable. Our flexible exams give candidates the opportunity to perform to their strengths and interest. Our qualifications are accessible to candidates of all ages and from all cultures.Our flexible exams give candidates the opportunity to perform to their strengths and interests.  We conduct Workshops / Seminars, Events by renowned Gurus to support all Musicians, Performers, Art Schools and Teaching Organisations.

Distinction Award / Diploma Convocation is being done every year by Griffin College London across worldwide.Griffin College London support and attend Teachers, Examiners and Candidates Cultural Events and Ceremonies.  Griffin College London Committee members attend and support the Candidate Arangetrams / Rangapravesham. Griffin College London Performing Arts Qualification certificates for candidates provide the benchmark across the world.