GCL Pre grade Certificate in Percussion Instruments

GCL Pre grade Certificate

Course: Pre - Grade


1 Year




Pre Grade are open to candidates of 3 yrs – 6 yrs.  
There are no entry requirements for Pre-Grade

Certificate by

Griffin College London


Griffin College London syllabus provides a structure equally suited to students of any of the different Banis of genres, without favouring one over another. 

The syllabus for each examination is presented and assessed in Four sections: 

  • Precise Rhythm / Layam 
  • Fingering  
  • Performance  
  • Theory  
  • Begin your Carnatic Vocal / Instrument journey as a passionate learner. This Pre – Grade course is created with an intent of having everyone to taste the pride of Percussion Instruments with a Strong Fundamentals, irrespective of their age. 
  • Theory / Practical Performance / Presentation File (Portfolio)