GCL Diploma in Nattuvangam

Diploma in Nattuvangam

Beginner : Title: “Laya Gnana Kalaimani”
Preliminary: Title: “Laya Gnana Valarmani”
Intermediate: Title: “Laya Gnana Mudhumani”
Advanced Level: Title: “Laya Gnana Vendar”


6 months – 1 Year


Beginner: 60hrs
Preliminary : 75 hrs
Intermediate: 90hrs
Advanced : 120hrs


Age: 15 years and above Required

Certificate by

Griffin College London

* Bharathanatyam * Kathak * Kuchipudi *Kandiyan *Odissi *Mohiniattam *Manipuri *Sabragamu *Sattariya *chauu *Nattuvangam

  • Griffin College London syllabus provides a structure equally suited to students of any of the different Banis of genres, without favouring one over another. 
  • A Teacher who want to study the art of nattuvangam in depth.
  • Learners who are in the field of dance minimum of 3 years.
  • A beginner student who wants to understand and learn the art of reciting syllables and playing thattukazhi
  • A dancer who wants to enhance their skills in nattuvangam
  • Practical and Theory