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Who can  Enter Candidate?

Entries may be submitted by a Teacher, Parent or Guardian or by the candidate themselves if they are aged 18 or over. All correspondence relating to the examination will be with this person only. If a school is making the entry, then please also provide a named contact who we can contact regarding the examination.

How Do I Enter Griffin Exam?

Griffin has no membership requirement. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Check Exam Dates, Fees and Deadline .
    Entries are only accepted during the entry periods.
  • For each entry prepare Two Completed Copies of the Entry form.
  • Correct Exam Fee payment
  • Send a complete entry package to the Exam Headquarters.
  • Once your entry is processed, you’ll receive details of your exam appointments by email a few weeks before the exam date.

Where can I enter for an examination?

Any of our approved centers near you

How should we pay?

A cheque should be sent together with the entry form, made payable to ‘Griffin Academy UK’

I have missed the entry deadline- can I still apply?

Yes, but please be aware that you will be charged a non-refundable late fee if you select an exam period after it has commenced. If you do select an exam period which has commenced we will try our best to enrol you onto it, but can’t offer any guarantees.

My candidate can’t make the Examination date on the appointment slip – what can they do?

Please contact the Griffin Headquarters for the first instance, and see if an alternative date/time can be offered. Please note if your candidate cannot attend an examination, the examination fee cannot be refunded, however, there are special arrangements for absence through illness or in cases of genuine compassionate circumstances.

Are there any provisions for candidates with special educational needs?

Yes. Candidates can tell us what they need when entering for an exam or contact us and we will do everything we can to support the candidate.

When will I receive the results?

Under normal circumstances the written report sheets will be issued to the teacher within 21 working days of the examination. Any errors found are corrected by the examiner prior to further processing of the whole examination session, and may therefore extend these timings, although the department will make every effort to process these as rapidly as possible.

When will I receive my Certificate?

Certificates are normally dispatched within 8 weeks of the date of the examination, but very often they will be received sooner than this.

I’ve lost my certificate. Can I get a replacement?

Yes. Fill up our  Certificate Replacement Form and follow the instructions within. Replacement certificates cost £10 each and will be marked with the words “Replacement Certificate”.