Degree Programme

GCL Professional Diploma (Teacher Training)
Title: “Vadya Mudumani


1 Year


90 hrs


Age: 16 years and above Required

Certificate by

Griffin college London

Entry Requirements : 15 years and above Assessment : Externally assessed by Griffin Examiners Exam Duration : 1 hour Performance

Griffin College London syllabus provides a structure equally suited to students of any of the different Banis of genres, without favouring one over another. 

The syllabus for each examination is presented and assessed in Four sections: 

  • Precise Rhythm / Layam 
  • Fingering  
  • Performance 
  • Theory 
  • Those who are in need of professional understanding about Percussion Instruments.  
  • Those who are in thirst of learning different kinds of Techniques. 
  • Those who want to exploit opportunities in the field of Indian Percussion Instruments.   
  • Those who want to learn intricacies in Margam and Teaching Method. 
  • Those who have the dream of becoming a convincing Performer, Teacher& Choreographer. 
  • Practical :  One Margam  
  • Theory :    Dissertation